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TurboTax & HR Block are two of the IRS's top supported Free tax software brands that also rate high on paid tax software versions.

As millions of Americans prepare to file their taxes this year, it comes as no surprise to see that many individuals are looking for free tax filing software. The IRS supports several tax preparation software websites and some of these websites include TurboTax and H&R Block. It's important to remember that these are just two choices from a long list of IRS approved free tax preparation software programs.

There are more options than ever when it comes to doing personal finances online. Today most hard-working Americans can find several options for filing their taxes online for free with the best tax refund software on the market.

Tax preparation software programs vary greatly on cost since there is a large variable to what many individuals need their software programs to do. This initial investment in general is always a good investment since in most cases it will in fact increase your refund, or lower your tax bill.

These programs also act as an education tool by educating you on deductions you may have been missing every year. This in turn helps get you focused all year long on planning for, and getting more deductions. This should be well worth the investment as taxpayers could end up getting a much larger refund check as software companies catch some additional ways to save a little bit of extra cash.

With many tax deductions and credits available, most individuals don't understand the entire tax code which presses consumers to seek a costly tax professional or CPA. What you should know is that the assistance of tax refund software can in fact do just as good a job at a fraction of the cost. Even though Americans typically don't like to spend money to file their taxes, it is generally worth the investment in tax return software to reduce the stress and increase your tax refund check.

H&R Block Online Tax Preparation SoftwareTax filing season is a time of the year that many of us dread when it comes to filing our income tax returns. With our main goal being to save the most we can on our tax return in order to get the biggest deductions and earn the highest refund.

Some days it seems that no matter how prepared we think we are, sometimes it seems that things can get complicated when it's time to prepare our taxes.

For several years now I’ve been filing my tax returns on my own with top rated tax refund software in order to save money and get higher tax refunds.

TurboTax Online Tax Preparation SoftwareI’m happy to say that I have been successful at this by using fast, easy and effective software that helps me calculate federal tax liability.

These products also provide step-by-step guidance in the form filling process while at the same time giving me free assistance when I need it, along with insuring me the highest possible refund.

Two of the best tax refund software programs in the US that I have found include TurboTax and H&R Block At Home, listed by order of popularity.

You can choose either one of these and have great success and support that helps you file your taxes in the easiest format, and provides you with the biggest refund.